Research and Analysis Department

Research and Analysis Department specialises in initiating and implementing scientific and research projects of interdisciplinary nature, especially in the scope of:

  • supporting the innovative academic entrepreneurship through research, e.g. the diagnosis of ways of understanding of entrepreneurial characteristics and competence, research on the need for products and services together with defining target groups, research on the competition market, and testing products and services;
  • technology and innovations transfer: research supporting the search for existing social problems and technological solutions, research on needs and expectations of science and business, and creating innovations, creative problem-solving (Design Thinking) or the development of new products and services (Service Design);
  • processes of networking science and business: Business Intelligence, User Experience (UX), market research;
  • creative processes and non-technological innovations: conducting social and economic research with the use of workshops and creative games, and Design Thinking process;
  • labour market observation;
  • quality management in higher education: research on teaching quality within the socio-economic environment of the University, among others, consultations of concepts and educational programmes, as well as of the needs of employers hiring University’s graduates;
  • foresight research, social consultations, evaluations and monitoring.

Research and Analysis Department is an interdisciplinary team of researchers, with wide experience in scientific and commercial research. Research/scientific personnel of CZIiTT has knowledge and competence in the area of sociology, economy, psychology, information science, social policy and culture studies. Research and Analysis Department has been established on the basis of the Social Researches Support Department in the Office for Research and Strategic Projects of Warsaw University of Technology.