Department of Young Researchers’ Innovation Development

Who are we?

Our team is composed of young, passionate and energetic students, PhD students and scientists from Warsaw University of Technology, cooperating with the Board of Student Research Groups of WUT, Rector’s Team for Innovative Teaching Methods – INFOX PW, Students Self-government of WUT, and PhD Students’ Board.
Department of Young Researchers’ Innovation Development has created an offer for the most active and dynamic representatives of the world of young science of WUT, interested in development of innovations. We guarantee conditions that stimulate creativity, entrepreneurship and networking. In this way we enable all eager students to start the cooperation with business.

What do we offer?

  • A free of charge access to the creative space and laboratories for young scientists from WUT.
  • Connecting students and PhD students with business environment.
  • Assistance in implementation of students’ and PhD students’ research and development projects in CZIiTT with the use of laboratories and space.
  • Assistance in completion of students’ and doctoral theses.
  • Co-organisation of seminars, conferences, workshops and trainings on entrepreneurship, new technologies and soft skills.
  • Searching for innovative research ideas within the scientific environment, student research groups, and WUT research teams.